Rakha: Sustainable Fashion and Elegant Design

Sustainable brands are becoming quite common these days, which is a wonderful thing. Rakha, a London-based line using responsibly sourced and recycled materials, also succeeds in producing gorgeously designed pieces meant to last for years to come. The lines and shapes of Rakha’s collection are simple and classic, and each item features a gorgeous detail that makes it an investment piece perfect for all-day wear.

My favorite pieces in Rakha’s collection include the Lilac Pleated Skirt¬†and Blazer, as well as the Anemone Pleated Blazer, which is made from recycled fabric and designed to fit a variety of sizes from small to large. The fluid shape and woven texture add a true sense of quiet elegance to the line. Each design stands on its own and can be worn as a statement piece with the other clothing already in your closet.

In fact, the purpose of Rakha’s brand is to focus on comfort and simplicity in an effort to encourage sustainability. The company works with factories that have their own waste-water treatment plants, ensuring that the water used can be recycled and used again, and many of the fabrics in Rakha’s designs are biodegradable or made from recycled bottles. Rakha also recycles garments to make into new designs, so that the cycle of fashion isn’t interrupted, but continues.

Rakha’s line is truly unique in its understated elegance and the pieces will last for years to come.

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