SLOWRE: Women’s Pre-Loved Sustainable Style

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(SLOWRE, a new online consignment store.)

When Grechen from Grechen’s Closet joined the Ethical Writers Coalition recently, I was beyond excited! I’ve been a big fan of her blog for a while and consider Grechen a style icon when it comes to minimal, sustainable style. Her support and appreciation for small ethical and sustainable brands have led her to open an online consignment store, SLOWRE, which focuses specifically on re-selling and consigning slow fashion. While there are already a few similar stores online, Grechen is filling a void with her focus on ethical standards and small designers. In the past, I’ve sent items to places like Thred Up and tried to sell pieces on Laws of General Economy, which mostly features very small sizes, without much success.

As a curvy woman who is quickly approaching 40, my style has changed a lot over the last few years. At times, it can be difficult to find ethical options that are age-appropriate and cover my midriff. Grechen’s blog has introduced me to many wonderful brands and she features detailed photos and descriptions of herself wearing specific items, so it’s easy to determine how a piece will fit. I really love her aesthetic, and now she’s bringing that same thoughtfulness to SLOWRE. It’s the perfect way to continue her love of slow fashion while recycling the pieces that she and her readers no longer need. ¬†Grechen is hoping to create a niche market for women who love independent designers and want to pass along their gently loved pieces to other women who will fall in love with them.

It’s a wonderful concept that I completely support, and I’ve already sent two separate packages of items to SLOWRE myself. The process is easy: take simple photos of your items, fill out the description form on SLOWRE’s site, and wait for Grechen to email you. Since I’m in Austin and Grechen is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it only takes a day for my things to arrive, and she’s prompt about responding. Once she receives the items, you both agree to a consignment price, sign a contract, and then she posts everything to her site. It’s very simple, and some of my consigned pieces have already sold, so Grechen sent me a payment via Paypal. I love knowing that the items I’ve worn and loved in the past will now get a second home with someone else who’s also interested in ethical clothing and sustainability.

If you’re interested in independent designers, including Everlane and James Perse (Grechen’s favorite), definitely check out SLOWRE. And if you’ve got some pieces in your closet that you’d love to pass along, Grechen is currently accepting items for consignment.

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