Ethical Alternatives to Rodebjer

(February was a blur as Ryan traveled and we dealt with some health issues in my extended family. But things are looking up, and I’ve been staying busy in the background.)

This recent New York Times article caught my eye and I became enamored with the collections by Carin Rodebjer, a Swedish designer with ties to New York City. Her designs are inspiring, with gorgeous fabric and feminine details, but I’m not yet convinced that the brand is ethical or sustainable. Instead, I’ve found a few pieces that do¬†fit the bill, and they are quite similar to the overall Rodebjer look.

Rodebjer’s designs are often multi-tasking and can be worn in many different styles. This gorgeous caftan is a perfect example, and its ethical counterpart is Seamly’s Wrapped Cardigan in Plum. Seamly is the perfect dupe, as many of the American brand’s pieces have dozens of wearable options. Find it at IMBY, a carefully curated selection of capsule pieces, all made in the United States, and founded by my fellow ethical writer, Sara Weinreb.

Rodebjer’s Patrina Fringe Top is feminine and fragile, and its description actually states that “utmost care” is required to keep the sleeve details pristine. That’s not very convenient for for most women, and Novella Royale’s Cream Frances Blouse is a great alternative. Based in California, this company creates stunning pieces in small batches with delicate, handmade details. I have the same blouse in black and it’s both feminine and practical.

The Odila Skirt by Rodebjer was one of the first pieces that caught my eye, and its tie at the waist defines the brand’s versatility. But its price and shipping from Sweden put it out of my price range. Instead, the Nora Skirt from Curator is similar in style and color, and it’s currently on sale, too. Curator, the San Francisco shop, is one of my favorite online stores, and their pieces are beautifully and comfortably designed.

It is possible to dress responsibly while still finding inspiration in your favorite brands, and I hope I’ve given you a few fun ideas for the spring season.

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