Weekend Getaway

Walking with Cake: Airbnb cottage

(Our cottage through Airbnb.)

Our anniversary is today, but Ryan and I celebrated over the weekend with a little trip to a secluded cottage near Bee Cave. Ryan travels often for work and gets to visit some amazing places, but I admit to being a homebody and I much prefer a day or weekend trip to an extended one. We traveled pretty frequently (and far) before we had children, but these days, we usually take day trips with the boys.

For our anniversary, Ryan found a lovely place on Airbnb and it was perfect for a weekend getaway. Bee Cave is in the hill country, about forty-five minutes from our house, so it’s just far enough away to feel like a mini-trip, without being too far from the boys, who were with their grandparents. The cottage is adjacent to a larger house on seven acres, and the entire property is surrounded by a large canopy of trees. It rained the entire weekend, and it was incredibly peaceful and relaxing.

We ventured into the village of Bee Cave each day for shopping and meals, but we spent a lot of time lounging around and just enjoying the quiet of being together. Ryan got to visit his favorite local brewery on his own for a few hours while I relaxed on the couch and watched “Orange is the New Black.” In the middle of the day! That’s something I never get to do at home, so it felt like a luxury.

This was our first experience with Airbnb and the owner of the cottage set the bar incredibly high. I would definitely stay in this house again and we’re hoping to plan another mini-trip in a month or so.

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