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Walking with Cake: Peonies

(I know they are so overdone, but we only get peonies in our local stores for a short time each spring.)

This week was crazy busy as we adjusted to our new summer routine with two different boys on two totally different schedules. Our calendar is literally packed and Ryan and I have a good chauffeuring schedule in place. I’m so glad the weekend is here and we can all relax and enjoy the sun before it gets too hot. Here are the things that caught my eye this week.

Leah and Alden both reviewed The True Cost. Here’s my review.

The owner of the Rana Plaza complex has been charged with murder in Bangladesh.

Ben Bradlee donated his archive to the University of Texas.

The possibility of a single test for all viruses.

An entirely new way to conduct basic blood tests. I am intrigued by this idea and hope the concept arrives in Texas Walgreens soon. No more scary needles!

Caitlyn Jenner will receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

And millenials are embracing their granny panties.

Have a great weekend!

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