The Thought that Counts

Walking with Cake: Nicol Sayre Celebrate Doll

(My Nicol Sayre Celebration Doll.)

Since I became a mom, I’ve definitely found the holiday season to be more stressful. I think that’s normal, because I’m responsible for making sure things get done and Christmas arrives on time at our house. Last year, I was feeling especially harried, so I switched to a smaller tree and didn’t send out Christmas cards. It was the first time ever that I didn’t do cards, and though I had more time to spend on other activities, I still felt guilty.

This year, I’m back to addressing cards again, but I didn’t even attempt to take a good photograph that could become our Christmas card. I’m not the type to send out a family photo, but I’ve always figured most people enjoy seeing a yearly picture of children as they grow. Getting two little guys to hold still and smile simultaneously is tough, and most people that receive our cards actually see the boys during the year. No harm done.

I’m also spacing out the actual card writing process, addressing a few each evening, instead of the marathon card session I’ve done in years past. This makes it less stressful and gives me time to spend relaxing and blogging in the evenings, too. Right now, I’m focusing on the boys’ teachers and those that care for James and Rhys in one way or another. As I made the list, I realized just how many people actually spend time with my little guys each week, and how grateful I am to them for doing so.

The Christmas card writing process is tedious, and I admit that it’s not my favorite thing to do. I don’t get excited about stamps or stationery; they are just not my thing. But writing short notes to the people in my boys’ lives has been a wonderful exercise in gratitude, and I’ve come to realize that sending Christmas cards is as rewarding as receiving them. A quick note of thanks and well wishes can mean so much, and it doesn’t matter if the card is handmade or features a professional photograph of a well-dressed family. Those are great if that’s your thing.

This year, I’m going with simple, pre-made cards, but I’m taking the time to write personal messages to the people who mean so much to my family. It’s become a quiet part of my evening routine, and I’m learning so much in the process.

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