Around the House

We had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving and I can’t believe it’s December!  Over the weekend I spruced things up a little and also decorated for Christmas. We’re using the small tree from last year again, and the boys had a blast decorating it Saturday night.  Ryan hung lights outside, and now we’re anxiously awaiting James’ birthday and the Christmas season.  Here are a few pictures of my little updates around the house.

Walking with Cake: West Elm Pillows

(New pillow covers from West Elm.)

I added a few new pillow covers for the couch, and I really like the contrast of blue hues and ivory.  Sticking with a basic blue color scheme works well with my couch color.

I’ve had my eye on West Elm’s Moroccan Wedding Baskets for a while, and I finally bought one when they went on sale recently. West Elm has become my favorite mainstream home decor store, mostly because they support artisan groups in many countries and have pledged to continue their relationship with makers of handmade goods.

Walking with Cake: Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

(My baby Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.)

As trendy and ubiquitous as they are, I love Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. I’ve avoided buying one in the past because I didn’t think it would grow well in my house and I didn’t want to risk spending a bunch of money, only to watch it die. But after some research, I decided to order a small tree from Home Depot for $15, and it arrived in perfect condition. At almost three feet, it’s not exactly small, and I’m hoping to nurture this little guy and watch it grow. I’ve placed it in a corner that gets filtered sunlight, and I’m watering it with a cup of water once a week. Hopefully it will adapt to its new surroundings and take off.

Walking with Cake: Dessert Table

(My grandmother’s dessert table.)

My mom is downsizing, and when she offered me my grandmother’s dessert table, I decided to take it, not knowing exactly what to do with it. For now, the table is in a corner of my dining room and I’ve decorated it with a few items for the season. I don’t remember my grandmother actually using the table to serve dessert, but she did use it to display her treasured items, too.

Walking with Cake: Our little tree

(Our small tree making its second appearance.)

Last year, we switched from our old mega-sized tree to something petite and easy to assemble. I put it up again this year and the boys helped decorate it in under an hour. Decorating the old tree was a two-day process, and it’s nice to celebrate the start of the season without so much stress and perspiration.

Walking with Cake: Christmas Mantel

(My Christmas mantel.)

After the tree was finished, I still had time and energy left to decorate the mantel in our family room. I always make it pink and feminine, since I get to look at it all day long. Most of the decorations are old, but it’s fun to bring them out year after year.  I made the berry trees for our first Christmas in our house, and I like to leave them up through January.

Our halls are definitely decked and we’re ready for the Christmas season. We don’t always decorate during the long Thanksgiving weekend, but the boys were eager to start, and we had time, so it worked out.  Have you decorated for Christmas?

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