Full of Greys: 4

It’s been a while since I did a grey hair update, and yesterday I saw my stylist for a much-needed trim and glaze.  My last appointment was eight weeks ago, and since hair supposedly grows faster in the summer, I was beginning to look pretty shaggy.  I last highlighted my hair in December, so my roots and the highlights have been growing without any new color since then.  At this point, I’ve got several inches of natural color streaked with grey, brassy blonde highlights, and old, dyed hair underneath it all.  It’s a bit of a hot mess, but with my curly hair, I don’t mind it too much and I’ve embraced the Earth Mother look completely.

But my stylist thought she could significantly tone down my old highlights by applying a toner to the middle section and a clear gaze at my roots, so I jumped at the chance to blend it all together.  The result was better than expected, and I’m really thrilled with the way it looks.  (She always styles my hair straight to see the color, but I prefer to wear it curly on a daily basis.)

Walking with Cake: Blended Gray hair

(The line of demarcation is much less noticeable now.)

Ryan took these photos outside so you can really see the color, and while my grey growth is visible on top, it blends very well with the rest of my hair.  I don’t have the brassy gold layers now, and the bottom section looks more natural, too.

Walking with Cake: Grey Hair with Toner

(My natural color at the roots, with a toner in the middle to cancel out my old highlights.)

My new greys are most noticeable at my temples and on top of my head, but they seem more natural without the three sections of obvious colors I had going on for so long. My stylist and I had even discussed the possibility of tinting my old highlights grey, but she doesn’t think I’ll need to go that route since this toner works so well.  I’m planning to keep it up for a few months to see how I like it, and with regular trims, my hair should stay healthy and blended as my new greyish color grows out.

Despite the changes to my original plan, I have still found this growing-out process remarkably painless, and I hope to encourage other women who might be considering the same path.  It’s okay to let your grey hair shine. It doesn’t mean you are letting yourself go at all, and it’s a really wonderful experience.

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