“Orphan Black”

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I’ve been reading about “Orphan Black,” the hit Canadian science fiction show, and Ryan and I decided to watch it via Amazon Prime recently.  It’s fair to say we were hooked from the first episode and plowed through the first season in a few days.  Without giving too much away, the show revolves around one woman, played by the lovely Tatiana Maslany, who accidentally discovers she’s the result of a cloning experiment, along with a group of other women who look exactly like her.  Maslany plays all of the female clones with different personalities and appearances, and she does an amazing job. Often, she pretends to be another clone when a decoy is needed (which happens a lot in this series), and it’s amazing to watch her impersonating another version of herself.  We’re about to delve into the second season, and I’m really looking forward to it.

As we were watching the first season, I remembered an old movie from my childhood that has a lot of similarities to “Orphan Black.” It only took a few minutes of digging around online before I rediscovered Anna to the Infinite Power and watched it on Amazon, too.  Several other people have mentioned the connection between the old film and this new series, and I can’t help but think the writers of “Orphan Black” have to be more than a little influenced by Anna and her band of incredibly smart and talented clones in classic 1980s clothing.  It was fun taking a trip down memory lane and the movie didn’t seem as frightening this time around.

But “Orphan Black” is incredibly fast-paced and suspenseful, and I definitely recommend it.  Have you seen “Orphan Black” or Anna to the Infinite Power?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the similarities between the two.

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