Setting Sail

I showed you my new-to-me Sailboat Skirt when I first bought it, but it took me a while to find the right top to pair with it.  While I love the pattern and knew I could wear this skirt often, I was a little intimidated by the high waistline.  Since I’m very short waisted, I’m not in the habit of tucking things in.  But this skirt really calls for it, with those adorable brass buttons on the front.

I tried several different blouses before settling on a white V-neck tee by Everlane, one of my closet staples right now.  I think the look is simple and really suited for a hot summer day.  The larger necklace I put on was just too overpowering, so I added my rose gold heart necklace and left it at that.

Walking with Cake: Button detail

(The skirt’s button detail.)

This skirt is so much fun, and I actually like the fullness and the pockets, too. It reminds me of my grandmother, because her favorite uniform was a white, button-up blouse and a navy skirt. I think she’d approve of this outfit, even if it’s a little more casual.  I think it will be perfect for the Fourth of July and other events later this summer.

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