Style USA: Carte Blanche

Walking with Cake: Carte Blanche Easy T-Shirt Dress

(The Easy T-Shirt Dress by Carte Blanche, photo via Carte Blanche’s press page.)

It’s been a few months since I profiled a company for my Style USA series, and I recently discovered Carte Blanche, a Kickstarter campaign that was funded last week.  Carte Blanche’s mission is to crowd-source their designs and produce them in New York City at cost, without additional markups.  That’s a wonderful plan by itself, but what really interested me were the beautiful dresses created for the first season.  Monica Noh, Carte Blanche’s designer, is truly talented and her dresses are functional works of art.

The Easy T-Shirt Dress is my favorite piece of the first season’s five dresses, and I love its flapper-style skirt and gathered bodice.  It looks extremely comfortable and put-together at the same time, and that’s my favorite kind of style these days.

Carte Blanche is preparing for their second season and I’m excited to see what they produce.  Be sure to check out their other lovely dresses and sign up for information about their next season.

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