Anthro: USA Spring 2014

I received Anthropologie’s March catalog recently, and I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of American-made items inside.  Some are by brands I’ve profiled in the past, but there were some new lines, too.  I’ve compiled a list of the new look book items to share with you, as a reminder that it’s easy to make more ethical choices at some of your favorite stores.

Walking with Cake: Sahara Cuff by Winifred Grace; Visit Capri Tee by Sol Angeles: via Anthropologie

(The Sahara Cuff by Winifred Grace and The Visit Capri Tee by Sol Angeles, via Anthropologie.)

The Sahara Cuff by Winifred Grace is lovely and perfectly suited for spring trends.  The line currently features six pieces at Anthropologie and all are made in the United States.

Sol Angeles’ Visit Capri Tee is casual and fun, but can be combined with a floral skirt for a dressier spring look, too.  Sol Angeles lists seven pieces in their Anthropologie collection, and all are made in the United States.

Walking with Cake: Tingi Jacket by Greylin; Skyscape Buttondown by Cloth and Stone: via Anthropologie

(The Tingi Jacket by Greylin and the Skyscape Buttondown by Cloth and Stone, via Anthropologie.)

Greylin’s Tingi Jacket is one of my favorite items in the look book, and I really love its flattering cut and the gorgeous print.  This jacket would work well as a layering piece for many months to come.  While the collection is fairly large, this is the only piece made in the United States.

The Skyscape Buttondown by Cloth and Stone is a gorgeous blouse that comes in several soothing spring colors.  It is listed as American-made in the print catalog, but as Imported online, along with some other items in the brand’s collection. My guess is that the “Imported” label is a mistake, which has happened before, though I can’t confirm its origins completely.  Assuming it is made in the United States, the entire line is classic and elegant, with a nod to comfort and everyday wear.

The current look book also contains items from lines I’ve profiled in the past, including the Francophile Tee by T. La, the Root Needles Necklace by MADE (fairly made in Kenya), the Saidia Pencil Skirt by Eva Franco, Weston Wear’s Aures Sheath, and Puella’s Striped Swing Tunic.  These are great pieces and versatile enough to add to your spring wardrobe.

I hope you’ll find this post helpful if you plan to shop Anthropologie’s new catalog, and you can find the rest of my Anthro: USA series here.

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