Snow Day

Walking with Cake: Our snowy backyard

(Snow in our backyard.)

Last Thursday night, we got enough sleet and snow to disrupt all of Central Texas for a few hours.  I can hear you laughing, Shayla, but this is what a snow day looks like where I’m from.  And here are some pictures of the damage it causes when Texans try to drive in this weather.

Walking with Cake: Ice baby

(Rhys still looks like a baby with his winter hat on.)

Anyway, a Friday snow day isn’t the worst way to start the weekend, and we snuggled up with lots of movies, pancakes, hot chocolate, and other yummy comfort foods.  The boys were beyond thrilled by the “snow” that fell, even if it wasn’t enough to roll into balls, and Ryan took them outside twice during the day to let them run off steam.  Rhys ate a ton of snow and James had to try it, too.  And by mid-afternoon, the sun was out, the ice had melted, and the weather over the weekend was really lovely.

Walking with Cake: Icy bridge

(An icy bridge near our house.)

Walking with Cake: Snow on walking trail

(The trail behind our house.)

I ended up with a case of bronchitis, which put a damper on the weekend.  Ryan drove me to the doctor Saturday afternoon while his dad watched the boys, so we made a quick date with a stop at Starbucks, Home Depot, and the grocery store to get my medicine. I had to stay in the car, but it was still nice to get out for a bit and I felt a lot better, too.

Walking with Cake: Eating ice

(James eating snow.)

We’re actually expecting another round of icy weather again this week, and I hope that will be the last of it.  I’m not a fan of cold weather like this, and snow days are best when they’re few and far between.  Like every few years.

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