Pangea Organics

Walking with Cake: Pangea Organics Products

(Pangea Organics soap and lip balm.)

I first discovered Pangea Organics at Sephora several years ago, and fell in love with their delicious, oversized lip balm.  Everything in this organic, fair trade, USA-made line is absolutely delectable, and will make you smell lovely while keeping your skin and lips moisturized all winter long.

I took advantage of their Buy One, Get One Free sale at Thanksgiving to stock up on my favorite products.  Since I’m a lip junkie, I use the Italian Red Mandarin with Rose and the Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom balms multiple times each day, and I apply some before bed, too.  The soap is lovely and exquisite, and my favorite part is how the bathroom smells beautiful after my shower is over.  When I opened my new bar of soap, I was surprised to discover that the box itself is seeded with Blue Spruce seeds and has directions for planting, too.  I’m planning to plant mine as soon as the weather warms up!

Walking with Cake: Pangea Organic Lotions

(Pangea Organics Body Lotions.)

I’m also working my way through a tube of Pyrenees Lavender and Cardamom Lotion and will soon try the French Chamomile with Sweet Orange and Lavender, too.  And don’t let the long names intimidate you, because the products could just as easily be called “Heavenly Bottles of Pure Loveliness,” and still smell just as sweet.

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