Anthro: USA 5

Walking with Cake: T.La, Velvet, and Weston Wear, via Anthropologie

(Pieces by T.La, Velvet, and Weston Wear.)

This is my fifth and final post in the Anthro: USA series and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.  Just to refresh your memory, to meet my criteria, each brand must have at least five American-made pieces currently for sale at Anthropologie.  You can view my previous posts in the series on my Portfolio page.

T.La:  A line of classic and comfortable tees.  The Printed Raw-Edge V-Neck shown above is perfect for wearing alone during the warmer months and layering with a cardigan or blazer as the temperature drops.

Velvet:  Lovely, draping knits in a variety of flattering styles.  I especially love how modern and feminine each piece is.  The Keynote Tunic is a like a t-shirt and dress all rolled into one, with a gorgeous pattern that adds a bit of glamour.

Weston Wear:  One of my favorite brands from Anthropologie, Weston Wear is a lovely line of dresses and blouses with feminine details.  I’ve shown you two separate pieces here and here, and I recently purchased another top.  The Glace Top above is perfect for parties this holiday season.

I hope you found this series helpful, and hopefully it will inspire you to find more ethical options while shopping at your favorite stores.  I learned quite a lot in my research, and I’m planning to continue the series in some form or another as other brands and stores catch my eye.  And as always, if you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share them.

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