Anthro: USA 4

This is the fourth part of my series featuring Anthropologie’s American-made brands.  To fit my criteria, the brand must have at least five American-made pieces currently for sale at Anthropologie.  You can see the first three installments here, here, and here.

Paige Denim:  A great line of stylish jeans in very flattering shapes and styles.  I recently bought a pair of the Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend Jeans and could not be happier with them.  The reviews are excellent, and I definitely recommend these jeans, too.  The Jimmy Jimmy Jeans are featured above.

Puella:  A lovely line of comfortable day dresses in classic styles and shapes.  The Savant Swing Dress is perfect for winter.

Resultwear by D-Mondaine:  This line technically doesn’t meet my specifications, but only because it has four pieces in its collection.  Still, American-made shapewear is hard to find, and these pieces are both basic and beautiful.  The Solid Shapewear One-Piece is perfect for your holiday party dresses.

Sundry:  A line of casual lounge pieces with an elegant twist.  The Romi Loungers are pretty enough to wear out and about on a lazy Saturday.

I hope you are enjoying this series, and as always, feel free to offer comments and suggestions.  I hope you’ll consider these brands if you take advantage of the current holiday sales.  Also, next week is the last part of the series and I’m considering examining other stores, too.  I’d love to hear your ideas for future posts.

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