Last of the Summer Dresses

This is really the second part of Tuesday’s post, and I’m showing you the last of my summer outfit phone pictures.  You’ve seen these dresses before, but they are among my favorite pieces and I wear them all the time.  All three are ethically made with fair trade standards, and those are clothing details that have become increasingly important to me this past year.

I love phone pictures because they are so real and of the moment.  Sure, they’re fuzzy and unfocused, too, but I snap them as soon as I’m dressed, and the look on my face when I love an outfit really says it all,  I think.  So here are the three dresses I wore in heavy rotation this summer, once more for good measure.

This is the first shift dress I purchased from Mata Traders, and I took this picture the first time I wore it.  I was really pleased with how pretty and put-together it made me feel, even when the temperature was well above 100 degrees this summer.  I loved it so much that I bought the second dress, in red, to celebrate my 35th birthday.

Happy birthday to me!  I wear these dresses equally, and I’m planning to make use of them throughout the fall and winter, too.  I’m pretty certain you’ll see them again, so be warned.

And I already sang the praises of this dress by Synergy, which is sweet and demure, but also kind of va-va-voom, too.  I dressed it down for the boys’ gymnastics performance, and since it is fair trade with a touch of a nautical feel, I added my strappy sandals and my favorite bracelet from Vava Vida.

The Texas heat is slowly fading, and I’m trying to incorporate more fall items into my daily outfits (when I’m not running around the house in shorts and a tee, that is).  But these dresses really served me well all summer.

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