Tiny Hearts and Foxes

Walking with Cake: ModCloth's Cutie Doodle Doo Dress by People Tree

(ModCloth’s “Cutie Doodle Doo” Dress by People Tree.)

I realize this is the second navy dress you’ve seen me in this week, but I really think it’s worth sharing!  I’ve heard wonderful things about People Tree, a line of ethically-made clothing in the United Kingdom, and when I found this dress on ModCloth’s site, I jumped at the chance to order it duty-free.  ModCloth renames the pieces they sell, so this 1940s-inspired number is called “Audrey” in England and “Cutie Doodle Doo” in the United States.  But whatever you call it, the dress is a wonderful vintage-style with a modern print.

I especially love the square, structured shoulders and the subtle heart print.  It reminds me of something Lorna from “Bomb Girls” might have worn on her day off from the factory.  There’s an attached belt that ties in back and pleating below the waist, which can be a bit problematic if you have curves like me.  But I’ve embraced my motherly shape, and I think the dress is designed for a feminine figure, which I love.

Walking with Cake: Hearts and Rings

(Layered rings against the heart pattern.)

The dress fabric is dotted with tiny hearts that look more like polka dots from a distance.  And I’m still wearing my new mini rings, including a tiny fox that I found recently on Etsy.  When I wear a vintage-inspired dress, I like to add more modern accessories, and what’s cooler than a fox these days?

Walking with Cake: Fox Knuckle Ring

(My new rose gold fox ring.)

I’m so excited about this dress, and I can’t wait to try more People Tree pieces as they become available.

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