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Walking with Cake: RIP Venus

(The Venus of Pflugerville is no more.  I’m still in shock.)

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  This was one of those weeks that took forever and almost brought me to my knees, but we made it and the weekend is here.  School is just around the corner, so there’s a little school supply shopping and a lot of relaxation in our plans.  Here are some things that caught my attention this week.

I finally finished “Orange is the New Black” and oh my gosh!  Didn’t see that one coming.  The real Piper was on Fresh Air this week.

And so was Jenji Kohan, the show’s creator.

San Japan is in San Antonio this weekend.  The pictures of previous conventions are hilarious.

Joni’s series on royal palaces is fascinating and juicy!

This story on preventing forced marriages in England broke my heart.

An opinion piece on Beyoncé’s new haircut.  (Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I’m growing my hair out.  What would the author think about that?)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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