The View From Here: Blogger Fame

The View from HereI can’t believe it’s the second week of June already!  Even though it’s not officially summer yet, it’s officially hot here, so to me, it’s almost the middle of the season.  I wonder what the temperature’s like way up there where Shayla lives.

Today’s question is: Have You Had a “Blogger Fame” Moment?

I think this question is hard to answer, because blogs and blog fame are so relative.  I have blogs that I absolutely ADORE, and if I met the bloggers in person, I’d probably ask for their autographs.  But to someone who has never read the blogs I love, that would just be insanity.  There are millions of blogs in the blogosphere, and though I wish I could spend all day reading and writing, it’s just impossible.  Blogs fit so many different niches and appeal to so many different types of people, and that’s what I love about them.  You can stumble across a new blog every day and become hooked, but you still can’t read them all!

My little blog is a labor of love, and I get so much satisfaction from writing and working on it.  I don’t expect to become rich and famous from it, and that’s not the point at all.  I really love having an outlet to share my writing and thoughts with others, and I’ve been rewarded in so many wonderful ways.

My closest brush with fame came last November, when my kitchen renovation was featured on My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.  I’ve been a fan of Kristin’s blog for several years, and her lovely home became the main inspiration when we decided to update our house.  She graciously provides the resources she and her husband use in their projects, and I emailed her once to ask about the paint color in her guest bedroom, which I then used in our kitchen.  That correspondence eventually led to the feature on her blog, and I enjoyed a couple days with very high traffic when she linked to my site.

But, with all things, “fame” is fleeting, and things settled down quickly once a new post was published.  And that’s totally fine with me.  It was fun to experience the extra attention for a day or two, and then I went back to my writing and my blog that I love so much.  This is my safe little place on the internet, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

Be sure to check out Shayla’s response on her blog.  I’m curious to see what she says!  And feel free to share your own “blogger fame” moment in the comments.

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