The View From Here: Meeting Other Bloggers

The View from HereI realized this week that Shayla and I have been working on this collaboration for four months now, and we are still going strong!  If you would like us to cover different topics, I hope you’ll feel free to suggest them.

Today’s question is: Have You Met Other Bloggers in Real Life?

If you read my blog regularly, then you know my answer is YES!  One of the reasons I started blogging was to make connections with other bloggers, and I’ve been fortunate to meet quite a few since last summer.  I jumped in with both feet and attended Alt Summit in January, so I got to rub elbows with literally hundreds of other bloggers in real life.  I finally got to meet Sandra from Raincoast Creative Salon (formerly Raincoast Cottage), who was literally my ticket to the conference.  Once she was tapped as a speaker, she sold me her conference ticket and I was on my way!  I also ran into Bethany of The Glamorous Housewife, a blogger role model of mine, as well as dozens of other wonderful bloggers.

Locally, I’ve become friends with Miss Donna of Discount Thief and The Unemployed Entrepreneur, and Lindsay from Black & Blonde.  Both Donna and Lindsay are fellow Blog Trends members, and when Lindsay was planning a move to Austin, we became Twitter friends and chatted secretly for months.  I was thrilled when she finally moved here, and the three of us live close enough to call each other neighbors!  Both ladies attended my blogger and creative get-together, and I also invited Tara from Musical Soup Eaters.  Blogging really makes the world smaller, and I discovered that I actually knew Tara from years ago.

I’ve also attended a couple of store events at Anthropologie and met a few fellow bloggers there, too.  Things have been busy for my family lately, and I’ve been unable to host or attend any events, but I always look forward to meeting new bloggers around town.

Of course, the blogger I’m most excited to meet one of these days is Shayla, but I know I’ll have to wait a while.  She’s gearing up to meet her first baby this fall, but one day, we’ll make it happen!  I still need to figure out what town is halfway between Austin and Sioux Lookout.

Be sure to check out Shayla’s response this week, and let us know if you’ve met other bloggers in real life, too!

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