Men at Work

IBM recently held their annual “Take Our Children to Work Day” and James and Rhys tagged along with Ryan for a few hours.  He works at home three days a week, which really helps me out, and the boys get to see him a lot throughout the day.  But this was a fun event, and the company pulls out all the stops for the children of its employees.  The day is filled with cool science exhibits and demonstrations, but our little guys are too young for most of it.  Still, they had fun shadowing their dad and I got a few hours to myself, too.  Here are some pictures of their day.

(Watch out, here they come!)

(Taking the stairs in the parking garage. A big job for little legs.)

(Exploring the campus.)

(Rhys trying out the hot air balloon.)

(Hard at work. I think this lasted about five minutes.)

All three guys had a great time, and we can’t wait for next year’s event to come around!

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