Pillow Talk

Walking with Cake: Blue pillows

(A Suzani pattern paired with whimsical birds.)

I like to change my pillow covers with the seasons.  It’s a very tiny detail, but everyone in our house notices, and I feel like it keeps things interesting, for me, at least.  Since the weather is warming up (aside from this weird cold front we’re currently experiencing) I got tired of the heavier fabrics I used all winter, and swapped them out last week for some lighter, airier textures and colors.  All of the covers were already in my pillow cover collection (is it weird that I have one?), so it was only a matter of making the quick switch.

Walking with Cake: Velvet and linen pillows

(Light blue velvet doesn’t feel as heavy when paired with light purple linen.)

Of course, I’m still dealing with my dark green couch, and I might try covering it again this summer.  Or not, we’ll see.  Eventually, I’d love a lighter colored couch, but this set works perfectly with two little boys.  (Deep down, I know an ivory linen settee won’t go well with teenage boys, either.)

Walking with Cake: Hodge podge living room

(This mix is crazy, but, somehow, it works. I promise.)

Have you added any spring touches to your home yet?

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