Portrait of the Artist

Walking with Cake: Little Smile

I’m in the beginning stages of my blog redesign with Kory, and it’s been a blast so far.  As I’m thinking about the changes I want to make, I realized that I need to update my About picture, since my current one is from last summer.  That’s not so long ago, but I took it in a hurry, and I’ve changed my hair a little since then.  So last weekend, I asked Ryan to set up the tripod so I could snap a few self shots.  You know how much I hate having my picture taken, but I can get a pretty good picture of myself if nobody is in the room to watch.  Still, it’s an activity I loathe.

Walking with Cake: Big Smile

I know we are always our own harshest critics, and as I looked at my pictures, I thought a lot about artists who paint portraits of themselves.  Not that I’m calling myself an artist or anything remotely resembling one, but there’s definitely an exercise in reflection that occurs when you are looking at pictures of yourself, that you have taken.  It isn’t an issue of vanity so much as a chance to really see yourself as others see you, and that’s not an opportunity most of us get very often.

I’ve written about my face in the past, and I obviously feel comfortable sharing my pictures with you, but the process of self-photography is still so difficult for me.  I’m completely fine with sharing my deepest feelings for the world to read, but I don’t think I will ever get used to standing in front of a camera.  Even when it’s just me in the room.  And I’ve tried placing my picture on my blog’s front page, because I know readers like to see the author of the blog they’re reading, but I can only stomach it for a few weeks before it has to come down.  That’s why you’ll find my picture on a separate page, and I hope you’ll understand.

But I do want to show you my new highlights!  I got them last week, and I think they’re so cool.  I feel like a blonde!

Walking with Cake: Blondie

(Blondes have more fun, right?)

Please tell me I’m not alone when it comes to pictures of myself.  And if you’re a blogger, do you take your own?  I’d love to hear!

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