Artful Anthropologie

Walking with Cake: Pom-Pom Bouquet at Anthropologie

(A lovely pom-pom bouquet, created by a very talented crafter.)

Last fall, I attended a craft workshop at my local Anthropologie store and had a wonderful time.  This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend a Valentine’s Day event held at the larger store downtown, featuring the lovely Austin blogger, Camille Styles.  This time, we worked to create a fun pom-pom bouquet that we could take home to enjoy.  You can see the full tutorial at Camille’s blog here.

It’s no secret that I lack basic crafting skills, so my pom-poms were extremely unimpressive and I never made it to the actual bouquet crafting part, but I did meet some wonderful ladies and enjoyed the workshop immensely!  It’s so much fun being surrounded by beautiful clothing and decorations while you chat and work with your hands, and I definitely encourage you to attend an Anthropologie event if there’s one in your city.  I only had my phone with me, but I snapped a few pictures of the event to share with you.

Walking with Cake: Anthropologie Brunch Display

(The beautiful brunch display.)

Walking with Cake: Anthro Brunch

(Mid-morning mimosas.)

Walking with Cake: Anthro Cookies

(Pretty Valentine’s Day cookies.)

Walking with Cake: With Love Anthropologie

(A goodie bag from the store.)

Camille, her team, and the staff at Anthropologie were incredibly sweet and helpful, and it was really a wonderful day.  I love these fun workshops and they are such an amazing opportunity to meet other women who share my interests.  Here’s hoping there’s another one very soon!

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