“Hold Fast to Dreams”

Over the holidays, we took the boys to visit Santa and to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant, and when I opened my fortune cookie after lunch, this was inside.

Langston Hughes, fortune cookie

Now, I’m not one to hold much stock (or any, really) in fortune cookies, and I initially told Ryan that the boys could go ahead and share it.  But, for some reason, he insisted that I open this cookie, with this small saying, and when I did, I was rewarded with these words (slightly paraphrased) taken from the lines of a poem by Langston Hughes.

I immediately recognized this poem because I was an English major and teacher, but more importantly because, years before that, I saw it in my fourth grade reading book, fell in love, and memorized it.  The poem’s simplicity resonated with me as a nine-year-old girl, and it still does, even now.

I think its message is appropriate for the coming year, and I wanted to share Hughes’ beautiful verse with you.  I hope the new year will bring wonderful things your way!

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