This and That

Fairy Ornament

(Our tree topper.)

The boys’ holidays started this week, so we spent lots of time getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the break as a family.  Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

Leslie Cochran was an Austin icon who definitely kept things weird, and his death this past March sheds light on the issue of homelessness here.  My favorite local radio station examines the story.

A glimpse into life for Newtown, Connecticut’s children, a week after the terrible tragedy there.  This piece is hopeful, and though they are forever changed, you can just tell the kids are, as one dad puts it, “resilient.”

And finally, a really funny post about birthday cakes from my blog friend, Shayla.  I have to give her tons of credit because I don’t even try to bake cakes for my boys.  I promise this will make you laugh, but don’t read it in front of your children or your boss.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!  I’ll be taking a week off to celebrate with my family and relax a little, but I’ll be sharing some posts from my previous blog to keep you entertained.  I’ll be back on New Year’s Eve, hopefully with some fun posts and photos to share.  Until then, take care!

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