One Thing Leads to Another…

So Shayla made my beautiful new header and I fell in love with it, and then I was lying in bed that night thinking that I should really take the next step.  The one I’ve been thinking about since I moved to this self-hosted site.

When I first started blogging four years ago, my blog was a very private place to record random thoughts and feelings.  I chose the name Cakewalk because it suited me completely.  It was what Spell Check suggested each time I wrote my email address, a combination of my first and middle initials and last name.  C+A+Kowalik=Cakewalk.  And on forums I joined, I was always Cakewalk or Cakewalker, and I still am.

But now I’m here, at my new and permanent home, with my very own URL, and it just seems like the next, natural step to line things up completely.  On Twitter, my new best friend, I’m @walkingwithcake.  My email address is walkingwithcake, and that’s what my business cards say, too.  The only place that doesn’t match is my header, the true title of my blog.

And now I’ve changed it.

I’m certain its significance means more to me than to you as readers, and nothing else will change about my blog at all.  I promise.  I’ve also changed the name on Bloglovin’ and Google+, so if you follow me there, just look for the new title and you’ll see it.

I feel like I’ve got all my ducks in a row now, and everything matches completely.

Piece of cake.

(And many thanks, again, to Shayla for putting up with my fickleness!  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do.  She’s a reporter in a small Canadian town, and well, I don’t want to spoil the rest.)

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