This and That

This week almost got away from me!  We had some car issues, James was sick, appointments had to be juggled, it poured one day, and was really hot the next (Fall, where did you go?).  So I thought I’d share a few things that caught my eye in the midst of it all.

Project: Underblog: A newly-launched collaborative blog that caters to smaller blogs, and moms, in particular.

Mockingbird: Whatever your beliefs, these articles are SMART, and I discovered this site in the most unbelievable place.

Paul Mitchell gets me!  He really gets me!  And all you curly haired people out there, too.

It’s not a journey.  Or, the worst Brad Pitt film EVER.

It’s art.  People are talking about it, and that’s the point.  Degas’ famous statue, partly the inspiration for this piece, was also harshly criticized when it debuted.

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan, who won second place in a homebrewing competition!  I am so incredibly proud of his hard work and dedication to something he loves doing.

I tweeted through the presidential debate, and it was fun!  I kind of wish they had one every week.

The boys are in need of haircuts and shoes this weekend (James is having a growth spurt).  Do you have any fun plans?


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