Help Save the Last Hospital in Aleppo

If, like me, you’re horrified by the atrocities in Syria and the current humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, there’s a small way you can help today. Austin-based non-profit Circle of Humanity International, dedicated to the health of women and babies, is working to support the last remaining hospital in Aleppo, which will close at the end of the year if its monthly budget of $40,000 is not raised. Iman Hospital, originally an obstetrics and pediatric clinic, is now the last source of hope for injured civilians and they are treating all injuries, as well as delivering babies daily. Financial donations are desperately needed and a small amount can help make a difference for the citizens unable to flee this terrible war. Please consider donating today.

For more information, here’s an informative interview with COHI’s deputy director.

Here’s the website and Instagram account for COHI, which is updated regularly.

Here’s the direct link to the donation page. (It’s my understanding that all funds donated now will be given directly to Aleppo, though COHI also supports efforts in other areas, including Standing Rock.)

And here’s a current link to The Guardian’s coverage of the crisis in Aleppo. It is updated in real time as the evacuation continues.

Update, January 2017: The hospital has been forced to evacuate and the care providers are using mobile clinics throughout the city. They are still in need of donations.

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