Ethical Odds and Ends

My boys are back in school and I’ve been trying to find a regular writing rhythm again. I always look for inspiration in my reading, so here are a few things from an ethical perspective that caught my eye this week.

Lonely Lingerie’s lovely photographs of real women wearing the brand in the ultimate comfort of their own homes. I first read about this project here, in reference to the picture of Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke.

Artifact Bags has a new site, new products, and a new vintage section, too.

Sarita Coren shares a very sweet post about her mother.

Pineapple leaf fiber as an alternative to leather. It looks very interesting!

A profile of Herbivore Botanicals products by Faye of Sustaining Life.

Raven and Lily’s beautiful fall lookbook.

And a detailed look at fast fashion’s devastating effects on the environment by Alden Wicker.

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