Bead & Reel Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser

Bead & Reel, the lovely ethical boutique founded by Hollywood costume designer Sica Schmitz, is holding its second annual Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser in Los Angeles this Saturday, July 16th. Partnering with The Peace Exchange, a fair trade non-profit, the show will feature pieces by ethical designers including Passion Lilie, one of my favorite lines. If you’re in the area, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see ethical fashion in person and support a worthy cause. Tickets can be purchased here and all proceeds benefit The Peace Exchange’s non-profit sewing centers in the Congo.


Here are some other ethical tidbits I’ve found interesting lately.

Björk will wear a 3D printed dress, first seen at New York Fashion Week, to her upcoming shows.

At the Fork: A Film about Husbandry and Wife is a study of the production and use of animals in the United States, profiled by the filmmaker, an omnivore, and his wife, who is vegan.

This Los Angeles-based company refashions leftover beer filter cloth into vegan handbags.

R.L. Linden, a gorgeous natural beauty brand, is currently expanding their business and has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

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