Slow Fashion by Safia Minney

People Tree, the British-based fair trade clothing company founded by Safia Minney, is one of my favorite ethical brands. The pieces are gorgeous and incredibly well-made, with classic tailoring that lasts for years. So when I read that Minney was launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book about slavery in the fashion industry, I wanted to support it immediately. The project was successfully funded, and Safia and her team have begun work on the project, which should be published early next year.

In the meantime, my thank you gift, a copy of Minney’s first book, Slow Fashion, arrived last week and I’ve been reading through it ever since. If you watched The True Cost, then you’re familiar with Minney and her efforts to create a completely transparent supply chain within her company. This book expands upon that idea and also highlights important members of the ethical fashion community, social entrepreneurs, and many “eco concept stores” across the world that are working from within to change the face of fashion. Minney profiles bloggers, models, writers, and filmmakers who are furthering the conversation, some of whom are profiled in the documentary, too.

Walking with Cake: Inside Slow Fashion

(A peek inside the book.)

Slow Fashion is thoughtfully designed and full of beautiful photographs, mostly taken by Minney herself. It’s a stylish coffee table book and fair trade guide rolled into one, the kind of thing you want to leave out for guests so they can peruse it leisurely while learning more about ethical fashion. I’m looking forward to following the blogs and stores profiled in Slow Fashion, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the publication of Slave to Fashion in 2017.

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