R.L. Linden & Co.

Walking with Cake: R.L. Linden Products

(My favorite products from R.L. Linden & Co.)

I’ve been on a major natural beauty kick the last few months, and in one of my orders, I received a sample of La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm from R.L. Linden & Co. That small container of lovely rose lip moisturizer was enough to pique my curiosity, and I decided to try their eight product sample pack, which includes the company’s entire skincare line. Since then, I’ve been hooked and R.L. Linden & Co. has become one of my very favorite natural beauty brands.

Based in Denver, Colorado, R.L. Linden & Co. is a small-batch, eco-beauty brand run by two friends. The products are plant-based and organic, and rose features heavily within most of the products, which made me take notice right away. My current favorites are, as shown above, Ritual 2 Perfume Oil, La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm, Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist Hydrating Floral Toner, Close to Me Uplifting Deodorant Spray, and the Sample Pack of Denver Inspired Perfume Oils.

The Lip Balm is extremely emollient, smells lovely, and can be used on cuticles and dry spots, in addition to your lips. The Floral Toner is my current favorite facial spray, and I use it multiple times a day to stay refreshed in the August heat. The Deodorant Spray, R.L. Linden’s most concentrated product, can be used wherever you’d like a spray of lovely floral scent, and I prefer to use it as a body spray after my shower and if I need a touch of scent as the day wears on.

Walking with Cake: R.L. Linden Perfume Oil Sampler

(Denver Inspired Perfume Oils from R.L. Linden & Co.)

But the Denver Inspired Perfume Oils are, in my opinion, the shining stars of the entire R.L. Linden & Co. line, and sampling each of the seven oils was a lovely sensory experience. Each oil is inspired by a different shop in Denver, and with unusual scent combinations like frankincense tears and palo santo sticks, pressed coffee, tanned leather, and cedar pencils, you really get a feel for the aesthetic of each store represented in the collection. My favorite oil is inspired by Ritual Chocolate, and I loved it so much that I ordered a full size bottle of the product, which contains cacao nibs, bitter almond shells, spiced cardamom, and aged cognac. As my mom tells me, this is considered a gourmand scent, and while I don’t consider myself a foodie, I love the feelings this oil evokes when I wear it. It’s also a very warm scent and makes me long for fall and winter, but when layered with the Deodorant Spray, it’s a perfect combination for summer.

I guess it’s obvious that I’ve fallen in love with R.L. Linden & Co.’s beautifully blended products, and I recently discovered that they also make a line of hand and body care for Base Coat, a nail salon in Denver that just happens to have an online store. I haven’t tried those products yet, but they are definitely on my list for the upcoming months. R.L. Linden & Co. is really a wonderful company with gorgeous products, and I can’t recommend them enough.

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