Fashion Odds and Ends

Walking with Cake: Pretty Candies

(My mom brought some pretty candies when she visited.)

Last week, Ryan traveled for work and my mom and dad visited to help out with the boys. It was a long and busy week, so I took some time off from blogging. I’ve noticed that little breaks from time to time help me find new inspiration and things to write about. Now that May has arrived, I’m working on photographing all of my pieces for my store and preparing for the opening soon.

A new Karen Kane catalog arrived this week, and I’m really impressed with some of the styles for spring. They seem a bit younger and edgier than usual. This dress is gorgeous, and I love this top in both colorways.

Anthropologie’s May lookbook is out, and some of the pictures surprised me. The current setting is South Africa, and there’s a hint of cultural appropriation going on. I’m curious to know what other shoppers think about this issue, which seems quite common in fashion catalogs. Leah pointed me to this article about this year’s Met Gala, and it is relevant to the discussion, too.

I have a pair of jeans that are on their last leg, literally. I’ve patched them repeatedly and now the inseam has torn beyond repair. They can’t be donated, so I’m thinking of ways to recycle them into something else. Do you have any suggestions for reusing denim?

I enjoy perusing Laws of General Economy, a blog that allows readers to sell gently used, higher-end clothing. I’m trying to pass on a pair of shoes that didn’t work out for me.

And I was up early Saturday following Ryan’s coming-home texts, so I followed the royal baby’s arrival as well. I admit to being excited about a new princess, and I think Kate is such a great reminder that birth is a normal process.

These things have been on my radar recently, and I’m glad to return to blogging after a quick break.

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