The Boxcar Children

Walking with Cake: The Boxcar Children Books 1-4

(The first four books in The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner.)

Last week, I mentioned that I’m reading The Boxcar Children series to the boys each night before bed. We’re currently halfway through the second book in the series and enjoying it as much as the first. All three of us look forward to the chapter each night, and we’re trying to figure out what mystery is coming our way. I’m thrilled that James and Rhys are finally old enough for chapter books, and reading aloud is something I hope they’ll let me do for many more years.

After I published the post last week, I received a very nice email from Dan Chuba, who introduced himself as the director of the recent movie version of the first book! ┬áHe thanked me for mentioning the movie, now on Netflix, and the series, and gave me a few exciting details. His company is planning to start work on a second Boxcar Children movie this spring, and they also have plans to create 15 different films based on other classic children’s stories. The goal of the upcoming films is to enhance the reading experience for children, and the movies will follow each book’s storyline, just as the first film did. According to Mr. Chuba, The Boxcar Children movie helped to increase sales of the book series by 30%.

I was really excited to hear about the upcoming movie and I definitely recommend the first one, too. It’s a very touching story that is appropriate for young children, and the books are so much fun to share with young readers.

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