Spring 2015 Inspiration

Walking with Cake: Spring Inspiration Board

(My inspiration for spring.)

I’ve been catching up on my pile of magazines lately, and with March quickly approaching, I’ve been on the hunt for spring inspiration. Fashion has always been an inspiring source for me, and this year, I find myself drawn to lighter colors and floral patterns, too.  As someone who seeks out ethical clothing options, it can be a bit difficult to translate the looks I admire into responsible pieces I’m able to afford, but it’s a fun challenge.

I often find myself drawn to a specific advertising campaign, and this year, Coach has really caught my attention, much to my great surprise.  I have never looked twice at this company, and while I’m not planning to purchase anything, I’m in love with this year’s concept and the pieces, too.  Coach has collaborated with L.A.-based artist Gary Baseman to create a line of whimsical, and slightly dark, cartoon characters that feature heavily in the spring line. A weird looking cartoon animal placed prominently on the side of an otherwise elegant handbag is absolutely endearing, and it captures the very definition of fashion as fun and frivolous. It’s pure genius.

The entire line is playful and accessible, with looks that you might actually see on someone at the grocery store. The Coach girl of 2015 is too smart for her hometown, another perfect idea, since we all feel that way at some point in our lives. You can watch the Spring 2015 film here to see what I mean.

Now, I just have to figure out a way to translate this look into something I’ll feel good wearing. I hope to find something that works and show it to you soon.

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