Style USA: Carousel Ink

I was perusing a catalog from Victorian Trading Company recently, and stumbled across this gorgeous tank top by Carousel Ink.  Intrigued, I visited their site and discovered an entire line of steampunk and fantasy-inspired clothing and accessories, all made in the United States.  Each piece from Carousel Ink is designed and then hand drawn to create modern interpretations of antique clothing.  The corset top is my very favorite look, but the company also creates leggings and thigh highs decorated with intricate patterns.

These pieces are so accessible and can be added to your regular wardrobe. The corset tops work perfectly with a cardigan and jeans, and the leggings add an extra touch of glamour under a simple dress.  I think it’s so much fun to experience a little bit of historic fashion without the discomfort of an actual corset, and Carousel Ink’s line is really beautiful and unique.

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