This and That

Walking with Cake: Pretty soaps

(Pretty soap from Paris.)

I spent most of this week recovering from last week, and I’m ready to feel better. We’re having some really cold weather right now, and even though it finally feels like fall, I’m already missing the warm sunshine. It looks like the cold is here to stay for a while, so I’ll make the best of it and plan to enjoy a relaxing weekend. Here are a few things that caught my attention this week.

Downton Abbey’s Season 5 starts in January, but here’s a war of words between Violet and Isobel. You can guess who wins.

A fascinating renovation of a local landmark.

When your youngest wants to stay little forever. Rhys tells me this all the time.

But it’s also okay to imagine life without kids. I always say I can’t remember life without kids.

Football as a partisan issue.

Parents left to grieve after their Marine son’s tragic death.

And haunting images of the segregated south.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

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