“Country Roads, Take Me Home”

Walking with Cake: Country Home

(An old farmhouse on the road to Smithville.)

I’ve written about Smithville before, and it’s one of my family’s favorite day trip destinations. We hadn’t visited in quite a while, so we drove out Sunday morning to have lunch, play at the train park, and enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes, getting out of my regular surroundings does my heart so much good, and I love taking the back roads and enjoying the scenery.

Smithville is just incredibly picturesque, no matter the season, and its small-town vibe is comforting and familiar, too.  We visit enough to know our way around, and there’s always something that seems to draw me back.

Walking with Cake: Smithville Train Park

(The view from the train park in Smithville.)

Walking with Cake: Old Smithville Relics

(We ran across this old fire truck parked near the old school in Smithville.)

Walking with Cake: Old Smithville church

(The streets are lined with old oak trees.)

We have no family ties to the tiny town and there’s nothing really calling us to go, but we find ourselves there every so often, and it’s always a refreshing trip.  Do you have a place you love to visit?

(Emmylou Harris and Brandi Carlile singing John Denver’s classic song.)

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