More Backyard Progress

Walking with Cake: Landscaping around tree

(We landscaped the area around our elm tree.)

Last week I showed you our finished patio extension, and over the weekend, we finished landscaping the space around our elm tree.  This is a tricky little spot, since it gets a lot of shade from the tree and is also on top of the root system.  To protect the tree, it’s best to leave a large area uncovered beneath it, so we added fresh mulch and some native plants that are both shade and drought tolerant.  We also used a few stepping stones to create a small path, and Rhys enjoys hopping from stone to stone on his way to the pea gravel area.

Walking with Cake: Backyard landscaping

(A few native plants and the little path.)

The initial process for our pergola and patio included a custom landscape design, complete with a list of recommended plants. In the end, we chose to do the work ourselves and used our budget to hire the company for the larger projects.  Our local nursery carried the suggested plants, and we were able to use dwarf ruellia and mondo grass to create a border along the patio.  Near the fence, we planted a few cast iron plants and added foxtail ferns for interest in the middle of the mulch bed.  All of these plants grow well in Central Texas and are commonly used in landscaping here.  They are also hardy and long-lasting.

I’m really thrilled with the finished look and the plants will spread out as they become established. I may add a few annuals from time to time, like marigolds in the fall, but this is a great start and that weird patch of dirt under the elm tree looks really beautiful now.

Next up, we’re planning to add a few fans to our porch ceiling and those will help with the rising temperatures through August and September.

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