Style USA: Alternative Apparel

Just like with last week’s Style USA profile, I’m pretty certain I first read about Alternative Apparel on Leah’s blog.  She has really done her homework when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion, and I trust her recommendations very much.

After my May clothing challenge ended, I bought a few new items for summer, and I found this wonderfully soft and comfortable tee at Alternative Apparel.  I really like the modern, boxy cut and how effortless it is.  If I pair it with jeans, I run the risk of looking too casual; but with my favorite A-line skirt from Fair Indigo, it’s very modern and minimal, which I really love.  As I’m letting my hair return to its natural color, I’m drawn to simpler styles and colors. This tee is perfect for summer and really goes well with a relaxed silhouette.

Alternative Apparel is a company dedicated to producing goods ethically and sustainably, and though some of their products are made in other countries, they follow a strict set of guidelines to make sure their requirements are met.  Alternative Apparel is open about their business practices, similar to the way Everlane is known for transparency, and I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to dig around online to find out where a product is made before I decide to buy it.

There’s a summer sale going on at Alternative Apparel right now, and it’s a great time to stock up on basics.

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