Casual Spring Days

Walking with Cake: Casual Days

(Casual daily outfits for early spring.)

It’s April, but this spring has felt like an extension of winter so far. It’s finally warming up and you can definitely tell that summer is on its way to Central Texas, but we had weeks and weeks of very fickle weather, with cold temperatures in the mornings and lots of sun in the afternoons.  I got by with a uniform, and I realize now that I was inspired by my new, properly fitting shoes. I guess I started planning my outfits around my shoes, and who hasn’t done that before?

In my first outfit, I’m dressed to play basketball with the boys at the local recreation center over Spring Break.  I wore comfy, if somewhat baggy jeans, a v-neck tee from Everlane, my favorite black cardigan, and my casual black shoes.  After seeing this picture, I realized that those jeans were too big, even though I lived in them all winter, so I sent them away to ThredUp.

The second outfit is a bit dressier, and I wore it to run errands and have lunch out with Ryan.  I wore my favorite Paige jeans, a lace top, and my neutral flats for a more put-together look. Still very casual and comfortable, though.

The third outfit was for a Saturday morning full of errands, and I wore one of the Raven and Lily tees I purchased earlier this year, along with my trusty cardigan, the Paige jeans, and dressier black flats.

And I wore the last outfit for a pizza lunch with Ryan and the boys one Sunday recently.  It was cold that day, so I broke out my old bootcut jeans, another Everlane tee in a different colorway, and my fancier black flats to dress things up a little.

All of these outfits are variations of the same uniform, and I’ve found myself gravitating toward a more relaxed style lately.  But I’m looking forward to adding skirts and dresses back into the mix as the weather continues to improve.

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