My Willow Tree

Walking with Cake: Willow Tree

(My new willow tree.)

I definitely inherited my love of plants from my mom, and she recently gave me a willow tree!  It’s probably the most exotic plant I’ve ever owned or cared for, and I’m still learning about its needs.  Right now, it’s in the small pot it came in, and I’ll keep it there for a while.  It seems to require quite a bit of water, and will have to be trimmed back eventually, too.

Walking with Cake: Pussy willows

(Pussy willows on the tree.)

There are quite a few small pussy willows blooming on the plant now, and I’m hoping they’ll last a while.  When I was little, a friend gave me some pussy willows, and I treasured them for years.  I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to do with them, but they are small and furry, and the tree itself seems magical.  It’s definitely a nice breath of spring in the middle of this dark, cold winter.

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