The Light Box

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve, and I wish you a fabulous 2014!

Walking with Cake: Light Box

(The light box set-up.)

It’s no secret that I struggle with photography, and Ryan patiently helps me with most of my pictures.  He is a much better photographer than me, and for Christmas, he made me a light box using this tutorial.  When we opened presents on Christmas morning, I was really confused to receive a desk lamp and then two work lamps, all in a row.  But then I opened the third present, which contained the light box, and it all made sense.  It was an awesome gift, and since he made it himself, it’s even more special.

Walking with Cake: Too Yellow

(The first picture was too yellow.)

Light boxes, which are like tiny photography studios, are wonderful for photographing small objects, and since we’re having a really wet winter, it’s hard to find a lot of natural light.  With this set-up, you can photograph things any time during the day or night without worrying about a bright light source.  So Christmas night, we got to work and took a few pictures, just for fun.

Walking with Cake: White Balance

(Adjusting the white balance.)

I grabbed a few gifts from my mom, who always spoils me with beauty products, and we practiced adjusting the light and finding the right white balance to make things look presentable.  We actually need a brighter bulb for the desk lamp, which sits behind the box, and that will help brighten things up.  But it was a fun experience, and I know I’ll get lots of use from my new light box.  And Ryan likes to photograph beer for his blog, so he can use it, too.

Walking with Cake: Best of the Bunch

(The best picture we took.)

Do you use a light box for your photos? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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