Our Christmas

We had a really nice Christmas, and I hope you did, too.  On Christmas morning, we drove to San Antonio and visited my family for the day. The boys were spoiled by everyone, played with their cousins, ate too much sugar, and fell fast asleep as we drove home that evening. The 26th was spent with Ryan’s family, and we did it all again. The boys have so many new toys between all of their grandparents that I literally put a few away to save for a rainy day.  They are enjoying their time off from school and have lots to keep them busy.  I’m hoping that lasts a while.

Walking with Cake: James digging

(James digging mulch with Papa on Christmas morning. I hardly saw him all day, he was so busy!)

Walking with Cake: Rhys the Builder

(Rhys in full construction gear. He was a little overwhelmed and stayed by my side most of the day.)

I’m back to blogging this week because my fingers were itching to write, though we are still in full holiday vacation mode at our house.  Our furniture arrived on Ryan’s birthday, and I’ve been doing some minor updates around the house. I have an urge to create an indoor garden, and I’ll share my plans with you soon.  Oh, and Ryan built a light box for me, and I’m using it to take photos. I’ll be sure to show you everything throughout this week and next, so feel free to pop in as you prepare for New Year’s. I’ll be here!

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