A Little Lace

Walking with Cake: Weston Wear Lace Pane Top

(Anthropologie’s Lace Pane Top by Weston Wear, with Jeans by Paige Denim.)

I’m in the middle of my new series featuring Anthropologie’s American-made brands, and I first thought of the idea while shopping for myself.  I love the store and try to find responsible pieces there, and my handwritten list of brands was growing enough to share with you.  One of the first brands I discovered was Weston Wear, and I wore one of their dresses to Texas Style Council this past summer.

I found the Lace Pane Top on sale recently, and knew it would be perfect year-round.  It’s sheer and requires a tank underneath, so I paired it with a black camisole, though it could also work well with white.  This is one of the pieces that is listed as imported on Anthropologie’s site, but you can clearly see in their picture that it is made in San Francisco.  My top’s label says the same.

I’m also wearing the Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriend Jeans (say that three times fast!), which are also made in the United States.  Since I live in jeans almost year-round, I decided to invest in a sturdy pair, rather than buying new ones every season.  Jeans are always a gamble, but these work really well and I’m thrilled with them!

Walking with Cake: Detail of Weston Wear Lace Pane Top

(A detail of the pretty lace used in many of Weston Wear’s pieces.)

I hope these pieces will inspire you to seek out ethically made items on your next shopping trip.  It does take a bit of detective work sometimes, but I hope I’m doing most of that for you, and it’s easy to incorporate more thoughtful items into your regular wardrobe.

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