This and That

Walking with Cake: Butterfly bush

(Can’t get enough of the butterfly garden.)

Ahh, this week felt so normal and relaxed compared to the craziness of the last few weeks.  We’re adjusting to the time change and a front brought cooler temperatures, too, so it really feels like the holidays are quickly approaching.  This weekend, there are a few beer-related activities in the works, and hopefully I’ll get to squeeze in some downtime, too.  Here are the things that caught my attention this week.

A new British photography exhibit details the rise and fall of a marriage.

A New York retrospective of Art Spiegelman’s work.

Bomb Girls is filming a movie!  Fingers crossed it makes it to the United States.

A profile of Kate Winslet, in time for her new film release.

A profile of Saoirse Ronan, an up-and-coming Irish actress.  (Remember that little sister in Atonement?)

The real truth behind the War of the Worlds “hysteria.”

Yesterday, six siblings found their “forever home.”

Examining gender bias within movies.

And a new book captures the beauty of beloved stuffed animals.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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