The View From Here: Favorite Topic

The View from HereOver the weekend, we did a little back-to-school shoe shopping and spent time with friends.  It’s crazy to think that August is almost half-way over and September will be here before we know it!  As we near the end of our current collaboration, Shayla and I are answering a few more general questions.

Today’s question is: What Is Your Favorite Topic?

This is a hard one to pin down, since, as a lifestyle blogger, I write about anything and everything.  Going purely by my categories over there on the right, it looks like Fashion and Beauty are my favorite topics these days.  I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I do enjoy clothing and beauty products.  I think those loves have definitely increased since having two boys, and I find myself attracted to more feminine styles lately.

Since I’m at home with my boys during the day (and writing by night!), I have complete freedom with my wardrobe, and I enjoy dressing up on those rare occasions when I do leave the house.  I’m still very practical, though, and when I’m home, you’ll find me in shorts or jeans (depending on the weather) and a tee.  But my hair and makeup are always done, so it’s easy to change quickly if I need to run an errand or make an appointment.

I also really love writing about blogging and writing (big surprise!), and of course, my family.  I’d say those three categories fill most of my blog’s content and give me endless amounts of inspiration.

I can’t wait to read about Shayla’s favorite topic, and please feel free to share yours, too!

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