Edgy Lace

Walking with Cake: Maitland Lace Dress

(Anthropologie’s Maitland Lace Dress.)

One of my favorite things about attending Texas Style Council was that I got to dress like myself.  That might seem weird, but when I attended Alt Summit, I felt the need to really kick things up a notch and play dress-up, if you will.  I mean, it’s not every day that I wear feathers in my hair and pair navy tights with pink shoes.  That’s just not me.

It’s hot here in Austin, and that forces you to make conscientious fashion decisions.  Most of the conference attendees were from Texas, so we all knew how to dress stylishly in the heat.  The awful, oppressive heat that starts early in the day and penetrates the concrete by evening, so the result is like a sauna or an oven, at 7 pm, in the shade.

For the opening event of the conference, a clothing and book swap on 2nd Street, I chose the Maitland Lace Dress from Anthropologie, which is, much to my delight, made in the United States.  I’ve been on the hunt for a lace dress recently, and this one is light and easy to wear, with a black slip underneath and the lovely trim at the skirt.  To avoid looking too sweet, I added a leather and gold belt to give things a bit of edge, and then chose my trusty pair of ivory and black flats, since I knew I might have to walk several blocks.

It was hot Friday night (did I already mention the heat?), and the temperature was over 100 degrees all afternoon.  I was inevitably hot, but stayed fairly cool and composed in this dress, which will also be great for fall.

I don’t have pictures of my other conference outfits, because you’ve seen them before.  I wore my “Frida Loves Diego” dress from Mata Traders Saturday and my Riviera Romance dress from ModCloth Sunday morning, both of which are in heavy rotation in my closet these days.  I felt cool and comfortable, and pretty, too, which made it easier to enjoy myself at the conference.

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